Productive. Personal. Powerful.

Hi, I’m Deb Adair. Using a juicy combination of experience, education, data and heart, I help women of all ages and walks of life move toward their deepest desires.

I specialize in personal and professional development in the world of business. I’m a coach with over 30 years of accounting, business management and executive experience.

I provide targeted and personalized coaching and training sessions for my clients to clearly identify their goals, analyze gaps, and map the plan to their definition of success.

My approach is simple and direct and I’m all about self-improvement; whether that means learning how to read and lead your business, implementing strategies for financial and operations improvement, or creating a clear and compelling self-development roadmap.

I want to help you move purposefully to your goals.

I Can Help You



Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start or what to do next. I can help you target your most important goals.



Need help defining your vision? The most successful businesses have a clear and concise vision.



I can help with a gap analysis so you can be sure you’re on the track to reach your goals.



Inefficient process and work flows can have a significant impact on profitability. Process improvement is my jam.



I can help you read your business and understand what story the numbers are trying to tell you. I can help you uncover obstacles to your goals.


Human Performance

People management practices matter to your bottom line. I’m certified in Human Performance Improvement (HPI) .



I can help you improve your communication, decision-making, conflict resolution and relationship building skills.


Financial Management

I can conduct a business financial health assessment, or teach you how to do it.

We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most.

Coaching for Individuals at All Levels of the Organization

Business Health Assessments

Systems and Process Improvements

Personal Development Plans

I’m Deb Adair and I’m passionate about helping others pursue the business career of their dreams.

Business is fun; self and process improvement is a hoot. A road map outlining the path from where you are to where you want to be is essential. Let me show you!

  • CEO / CFO / Leader
  • Accounting
  • Manufacturing
  • Local government
  • Distribution
  • Human Resources
  • Quality Systems
  • Operations
  • Systems and Process Improvement